First ground frost of the season expected tonight

Tonight will be a cold one in the Netherlands, with a solid chance of the first ground frost of the autumn making an appearance, Weerplaza expects. 

The clouds are expected to clear up in large parts of the country, and the wind to die down. As a result, the temperature of the already fairly cold air can drop considerably. In the coldest parts of the country - the middle east and southeast - minimums will drop to around 2 degrees, possibly with frost on the ground. 

The coastal areas will remain cloudy, and therefore also warmer with minimum temperatures around 9 degrees expected.

If tonight comes to frost, it will be relatively early in the year. The first ground frost of the autumn usually happens around September 15th, according to the weather service.

The last time the Netherlands saw frost was on July 10th, when temperatures drooped to -0.7 degrees Celsius at Twente Airbase.