Brexit mockery: Amsterdammer's new card game aims to open eyes

The card game: Barmy Brexiteers
Barmy Brexiteers pokes the Brexit movement in the eye. Aug. 21, 2019Photo: NL Times

It is almost two months to Brexit and amidst the chaos Jimme Jardine has a solution to help pass the time. 

Enter Barmy Brexiteers, “a light-hearted card game and hard-hitting Twitter news account that strive to keep pointing out the lies about Brexit that are most obviously dishonest,” according to the Amsterdam-based founder.

The card game was created in May when friends of Jardine visited him from London and expressed their frustration with how Brexit is being discussed by the public. This is a frustration Jardine shared himself. The South African-born, London-raised entrepreneur said that this game is needed to give people a nudge in the direction of supporting the UK remaining as part of the EU. 

“I want people to buy the game and play it and have fun with an on-the-fence Leave supporter to open their eyes to the lies and broken promises that were made by the Leave campaign,” Jardine said in an email. “This might help tip the balance when we get a confirmatory referendum or general election.” 

The game is loosely based on the card game President and can be played by two to eight players. The game targets borderline Leavers to reconsider voting Remain when the game helps expose lies from their politicians.  “While making the game I always thought about that "cranky Brexiteer uncle" who might change their mind after playing the game with their Remainer family,” he said. 

Although sales are growing slowing and organically, Jardine is hopeful that Leavers are being introduced to the game weekly as their 2-pack option sales have increased on their website. He’s optimistic that Remainers are possibly buying the second pack for Leavers. 

There are three different games that can be played with one deck of cards: The Barmy Rules for three or more players encourages players to tell “bigger and bolder” lies while the politicians break the rules; The More Barmy Rules for two to three players which is similar to the aforementioned game, just with fewer cards; and The Brexit Memory Game for two players which matches politicians with the lies he or she told. 

Both the game and the twitter account were created to consistently remind the public to pay attention to what politicians are saying about Brexit. “There are myriad groups in the UK and abroad doing our utmost to remind people of the lies told and the promises broken to help people remember how they were manipulated,” Jardine reiterated. 

The Barmy Brexiteers Twitter account – which has about 4,000 followers – resurfaces news from the past two years to remind readers of promises made by politicians promoting the Leave campaign.  By integrating #FBPE (#FollowBackProEU) to their handle, the account has amassed followers who are dedicated to Barmy Brexiteers' narrative.

The full card game is available for 10 pounds (roughly 11 euros), on the game's website.



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