Internet helps former refugee find Dutch man who gifted her a bike in the 90s

Child on a bicycle
Child on a bicycle Photo: mary981/DepositPhotos

A young woman asked the internet to help her find someone special to her heart. In the 90's, Mevan was a 5-year-old refugee living in a shelter in Zwolle. One of the aid workers in the shelter gave her a bicycle. "I just want  to know his name. Help?" She asked on Twitter. And with success, according to Weblog Zwolle.

Mevan described her quest to find the Zwolle man as a "longshot". "This man, who worked at a refugee camp near Zwolle in the Netherlands, out of the kindness of his own heart bought me a bike. My five year old heart exploded with joy", she wrote, posting a photo of the man.

Within 24 hours, Mevan's post was shared some 3 thousand times, both in Great Britain where she now lives and in the Netherlands. The story was also picked up by local newspapers and -sites in the Zwolle area. 

Weblog Zwolle reports that they've identified the man and is working on bringing him into contact with Mevan.