Baggage problems at Eindhoven Airport delay all departures

Eindhoven Airport

A malfunction in Eindhoven Airport's baggage system on Tuesday morning caused some issues at the airport. All departures from the airport were delayed. Some passengers missed their flights. And some flights left with not all baggage on board, NOS reports.

Due to the malfunction, all baggage had to be checked in manually. "That takes much longer than through the normal system", a spokesperson for the airport said to NOS.

All 27 of the Eindhoven Airport flights scheduled for Tuesday morning from 7 a.m. departed with at least a minor delay. On average, flights departing from Eindhoven took off 24 minutes late, according to airport data. Arrivals in the morning and into the early afternoon were generally on time, with only a few exceptions.

The problem was resolved at around 12:10 p.m., the airport said on Twitter. The baggage system is up and running again, though there is a bit of a backlog to be dealt with. All baggage that ended up left behind, will be sent to their destination as quickly as possible, the airport said.