NS to experiment with ads in trains

NS train at Utrecht station
NS train at Utrecht station Photo: kruwt/DepositPhotos

Next month NS will start experimenting with advertisements on the information screens in its trains. "We regularly receive requests from advertisers", a spokesperson for the rail company said to NOS. "The screens in the train are a sought-after place."

The advertising in trains will "fit in with our policy and with the travel experience", according to the spokesperson. "That's why we only want to show advertisements that match our brand", he said. "No ads about explicit things, but ads that appeal to a large group of people."

For the experiment, advertisements will be shown in 137 of NS' over 400 intercity trains. According to NS, travel information will remain the most important thing shown on the on-board screens and will also be given priority in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The experiment will run until the end of the year, after which NS will assess how travelers experienced the advertisements.