Trans couple targeted by abuse in Limburg leaves flat

Transgender couple Kristiana Moretti and Arianne Brink are moving out of their apartment in Heerlen because a group of young people in the neighborhood continually harassed and threatened them. After mediation by mayor Emile Roemer, the housing association offered a new apartment to the couple, 1Limburg reports.

"You end a sad episode of your life and hopefully start a good one" Kristiana said to the newspaper about the move. "You constant experience a sense of threat in your head. You fear that they will do the things they say. Three times that happened. Further it remained at threats. I clung to a de-escalation course. Give as little reason as possible to argue. You don't want to argue, quarrel or conflict or whatever. You want to live your life and that is impossible here."

"I have seen it change. From vandalism, but then worse", partner Arianne added. "They pick things out that are easy to tease. Because of our orientation, we are an easy target. They like to play with it and bully us with it."

Last year a then 17-year-old boy was arrested for assaulting one of the couple, according to NOS. He was sentenced to 30 days in prison and community service.