Heat makes 34 kids sick at Leusden summer camp

Ambulance in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Stock photo of an ambulance in the Netherlands. April 1, 2019photo: jomahepu@gmail.com / DepositPhotos

A total of 34 children and two staff members became ill at a campsite in Leusden on Thursday due to the heat. They were all taken to hospital. The organizers of the camp cut the summer camp short and sent the remaining children home, NU.nl reports.

The sick kids were taken to the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Most of them were sent home after a check-up, but four had to spend the night in hospital for observation. Parents of the affected children were asked to go directly to the hospital and collect their children there.

The group of children from Rijnsburg were on summer camp in Leusden. The camp organizers said on Facebook that all the children were conscious and able to communicate and were in "good hands". 

The organization had to call on parents not to go directly to the campsite. "There is one narrow access road that is not designed for this. We understand that you want to be kept informed, but the children and the logistics operation now have priority number one", the organization said. 

Thursday was the hottest day ever measured in the Netherlands, followed by the hottest night ever measured. The country is now officially in a heatwave.