Beat the heat in Amsterdam: Where to go swimming in and around the capital

Boy jumping into a lake

Amsterdam is a city of water, and it is therefore not surprising that swimming in natural waters is a favorite pass time for Amsterdam residents on hot days. With a week of extremely hot weather ahead for the Netherlands, here follows a list of five natural swimming spots in and around the Dutch capital, compiled by Het Parool.

Note that there is always a danger of blue-green algae, which is poisonous to humans, at lakes. Check this website for the current state of water quality and whether it is safe to go swimming in your favorite lake. 

On the southern end of the Weesperzijde, you can go swimming in the Amstel. Dive straight into the river from the Berlagebrug Rowing Center, or easily wade into the water from the strip next to Cafe Hesp's terrace. Be careful of boats when swimming in the Amstel.

The Amstel can also be swum in near the new residential district Amstelkwartier. There you can go straight into the water with a staircase. There is also a lawn of grass for sunbathing and relaxing. 

In Diemerpark you can go swimming at the beach on the east side of the park. Note that you are not allowed to swim everywhere in the park - stick to the designated swimming areas. 

Gaasperpark offers a play pond and a beach, with showers and toilets, a lawn for sunbathing, as well as restaurants for food and drink. 

Borgortuin is a large lawn on java island next to the Verbindingsdam. Jump into the lake from the high quay, or wade in using the wide terrace-like stairs. 

None of these strike your fancy? Check Het Parool for more swimming spots in and around Amsterdam, or for safe swimming spots throughout the Netherlands. 


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