Cancer still the main cause of death in Netherlands

Last year over 153 thousand people died in the Netherlands. With nearly 47 thousand deaths, cancer remains the most common cause of death in the country, followed by cardiovascular disease which caused 25 percent of the deaths, Statistics Netherlands reported on Tuesday. 1 percent of last year's deaths were caused by flu.

The most common cause of death varies per age group. Last year fewer than 2 thousand people between the ages of 15 and 40 died. 44 percent of these people had a non-natural cause of death, such as an accident, suicide or murder. In the age group 40 to 80 years, cancer is the most common causing 45 percent of deaths. From age 80 and over, cardiovascular disease caused the most deaths last year. 5 percent of people over 85 who died last year, died as the result of a fall.

As in previous years, more men died of cancer than women. Women more often die from mental disorders or diseases of the nervous system, including dementia and Alzheimer's disease. According to the stats office, this is largely due to the fact that on average women live to an older age than men. 

Causes of death in Netherlands in 2018:

  • Cancer (30 percent)
  • Cardiovascular disease (25 percent)
  • Mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system (13 percent)
  • Respiratory diseases (9 percent)
  • Non-natural deaths (6 percent)
  • Other diseases (17 percent)