Amsterdam cafes land on top sandwich, best pizza lists

Metropolitain's Croque Madame
Metropolitain's Croque MadamePhoto: Big 7 Travel

Three Amsterdam cafes made it onto top 50 rankings for their food. nNea Pizza serves the 13th best pizza in Europe, outside Italy, according to 50 Top Pizza. And the 9th and 40th best sandwiches in Europe can be found at Toastable and Metropolitain, according to Big 7 Travel's ranking.

Toastable's sandwiches are as pretty as they are tasty, according to Big 7 Travel. "There's a big focus on grilled cheese style sandwiches but they also have a huge variety of other sandwiches", the travel site said. "Once you taste them, you'll be hooked for life." Toastable, the 9th best sandwich spot in Europe, has two locations in Amsterdam and one each in Utrecht and The Hague. 

Metropolitain, 40th on the 50 best sandwich spots in Europe ranking, serves some of the best brunch in Amsterdam, according to Big  7 Travel. "With a wonderfully creative and tasty menu that has something for everybody", the travel site said. Big 7 Travel specifically recommends the Croque Madame. "Loaded with ham and cheese and - as if it wasn't tasty enough on its own - the egg yolk oozing into the middle to create a natural sauce that is just divine."

50 Top Pizza ranked nNea as serving the 13th best pizza in Europe, outside Italy. It's the only Dutch restaurant on this ranking. The pizza shop opened its doors in the Dutch capital in February. Owner Vincenzo Onnembo is delighted. "It is the first time in over 30 years that a restaurant from the Netherlands is on this list", he said to newspaper AD. "I also opened the restaurant because I found it unacceptable that you can't find good pizza in a city like Amsterdam. There is no pizza scene."