Code yellow: more storms coming this afternoon

Storm clouds over the Dordrecht inner harbor
Storm clouds over the Dordrecht inner harborPhoto: mandritoiu/DepositPhotos

More thunderstorms are approaching the Netherlands, expected to first hit the southwest of the country during the second half of the afternoon. Meteorological institute issued a code yellow warning for the entire country, warning of downpours, hail and strong winds.

The storms will move from southwest to northeast across the country. Gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour are expected. "Traffic and outside activities can be hindered. Avoid open water and open areas, do not shelter under trees. Follow weather reports and warnings", the KNMI said.

These are the third sets of thunderstorms to hit the Netherlands this week. Storms on Tuesday and Wednesday nights already resulted in many damage reports, including consequential damage - for example, roof tiles blowing off on Tuesday, resulting in water damage on Wednesday. There were some 72,500 lightning flashes in the Dutch skies during Wednesday night's storms. 

Before the storms hit Friday will be warm, with maximums ranging between 23 and 27 degrees, according to Weerplaza.