Sinterklaas to arrive in Apeldoorn on Nov. 16 for national party

Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)

Sinterklaas will make his national arrival to the Netherlands in Apeldoorn this year, NTR and Apeldoorn mayor Petra van Wingerden-Boers announced on Friday.

The national arrival will happen on Saturday, November 16th. ​Sinterklaasjournaal, the kids' show that follows Sinterklaas' travels to the Netherlands, will start on Monday, November 11th. 

Mayor Van Wingerden-Boers is delighted that Sinterklaas will be coming to Apeldoorn this year. "What an honor! It is of course good news for all the children in the city, but also for everyone in the Netherlands who wants to be there, because Apeldoorn is beautifully situated in the middle of the country", she said, reports.

The national arrival happened in Zaanstad last year