Video: Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence greeted at Schiphol

Duncan Laurence at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest
Duncan Laurence at the 2019 Eurovision Song ContestPhoto: Martin Fjellanger, Eurovision Norway/Wikimedia Commons

Duncan Laurence landed at Schiphol Airport at around 4:45 p.m. on Sunday, after winning the coveted Eurovision Song Contest title for the Netherlands for the first time in 44 years with his song Arcade. He was greeted by red, white and blue balloons at the sliding doors and a crowd of screaming fans waving Dutch flags, wearing orange shirts, and red-white-blue floral wreaths and hats.

At a press conference after his arrival, the Eurovision winner said that he hasn't quite grasped the sensation he caused in the Netherlands, according to "Occasionally I got an app from family about the madness, that a hamburger was named after me. I let it all wash over me", he said. He also said that he hasn't really realized that he had written Eurovision history. "That hasn't sunk in."

According to Laurence, waiting for the final scores was very exciting. "The whole process flashed through my mind, from the phone call from Ilse DeLange asking me to participate, until the plans were specific. I will never forget the end of the scoring, with only me and Sweden left. They managed to build the tension very well. I thought: come on, come on. I couldn't hold it", the singer said.