Donald Trump may visit Netherlands in August, Dutch PM says

American president Donald Trump will likely not visit the Netherlands next month around the international business congress in The Hague, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte. "It looks like Trump has a full agenda then", he said on television program WNL op Zondag. But there is a chance that Trump will come to the Netherlands for the liberation celebration in Terneuzen in August, he hinted. 

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague is happening early next month, just before the 75th anniversary of D-Day in France. The timing was deliberately chosen to increase the chance that dignitaries will also attend the business congress, according to newspaper AD. 

A Dutch collector owns an American D-Day flag, which he wants to give to the United States. But only if the American president comes to collect it. "Rightly so", Rutte said on the television program on Sunday. According to him, Trump will visit the Netherlands "at some point" to do so. But likely not in June, Rutte said.

"But at the end of August you have Terneuzen again, then the liberation of this part of Europe is celebrated", the Dutch Prime Minister said, hinting that Trump's visit may happen then. The Battle of the Scheldt is commemorated in the Zeeland town on August 31st. "But other moments are coming too."

Rutte said it would be "wonderful" if the Dutch collector can hand the D-Day flag to Trump. "But there must be a 'yes' from him. The man's agenda is packed."