New global ranking slams Eindhoven Airport, Transavia Airlines

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Transavia airplanes at Schiphol. April 21, 2007Pieter van MarionFlickrCC-BY-NC

Transavia Airlines and Eindhoven Airport both performed poorly on new global rankings by AirHelp. The site for helping travelers claim compensation from airlines ranked Transavia as the 65th best airline in the world, out of a list of 72. And Eindhoven Airport was ranked the 130th best airport in the world, out of 132 airports.

AirHelp rated the airlines based on on-time performance, service quality, and claim processing. Transavia got a 6.2 for on-time performance, how often its flights departed and arrived on time. The airline's service quality scored a relatively high 7.4, based on passenger surveys on the quality of food, comfort and crew. But its claim processing only got a 3.9. The claim processing relates to how efficiently an airline handles compensation claims, including how long it takes to pay out. That brings Transavia to a total score of 5.84 out of 10. 

KLM performed pretty well on the rankings, ending in 12th place with an overall score of 7.74. The Dutch airline's on-time performance scored 7.8, service quality 8.1, and claim processing 7.4.

According to AirHelp, the top airlines in the world are Qatar Airways with an overall score of 8.23, followed by SAS Scandinavian Airlines, American Airlines, and Aeromexico, all with overall scores of 8.07. 

AirHelp rated the airports based on on-time performance, service quality as rated by customers, and food and shops also rated by customers. Eindhoven Airport achieved its 132nd place on the ranking with an overall score of 5.92. The airport's downfall was its on-time performance, with a score of 4.9. It's scores on service quality and food and shops were relatively high at 7.8 and 7.1 respectively. 

Schiphol made it to 67th on the list with a respectable score of 7.48. The Amsterdam airport scored 7.1 on on-time performance, 8.0 on service quality, and 8.0 on food and shops. 

The top airports in the world, according to AirHelp, are Hamad International Airport in Qatar (8.39), Tokyo International Airport in Japan (8.39), Athens International Airport in Greece (8.38), and Afonso Pena International Airport in Brazil (8.37).