23 motorists fined for filming accident

Dutch police officer talking on his radio
Dutch police officer talking on his radioPhoto: twixx/DepositPhotos

The police fined 23 motorists on Wednesday afternoon for filming an accident while driving. A fine of 239 euros will soon arrive at their door, NOS reports.

At around noon on Wednesday a truck's trailer collapsed on the Moerdijk Bridge towards Breda due to the strong wind. The truck ended up blocking the road. The accident caused a long traffic jam. Many drivers used the delay to take pictures or video of the accident.

The police took down 23 license plate numbers, and the drivers of those cars can expect a fine. "We only started writing when we had finished handling the accident", a local police officer said. "I know for sure that there were more."

"Normally you cannot fine on a license plate, because someone really has to be pulled over for that", another spokesperson for the police said to Omroep Brabant. "In consultation with the Public Prosecutor, we got permission to note the license plates anyway."