Dutch authority warns about 29 dangerous hoverboards

The Dutch food and consumer product safety authority NVWA published the names of 29 hoverboards it considers unsafe. The authority advises consumers to stop using these hover boards with immediate effect. The NVWA knew about the dangers connected to these hover boards since October, but was only able to publish the list now due to "binding deadlines" for the companies involved to object, RTL Nieuws reports.

The biggest danger the NVWA found is that with 28 hoverboards, charging does not stop when the battery is charged. This leads to "an increased risk of spontaneous combustion of the battery", the NVWA said. Other problems include batteries lacking temperature protection, insufficient fire-resistant housing, and the possibility of damage to the insulation of the cables by sharp, unfinished parts in the hoverboard. 

The companies involved were instructed to inform their customers about these risks as soon as possible. The sale of the hoverboards is now prohibited.

Hoverboards that pose serious risks, according to the NVWA:

  • Alfa Smart Wave ASW-605
  • Cool&Fun BG-P001/6.5
  • Cool&Fun EL-ES01(JD-6.5)
  • DENVER DBO-6501 white MK2
  • Doc Green Hoverboard HB8000 
  • GoClever CityBoard SUV Black LG CBLSSBEU 
  • HAKAL Glideboard 
  • I’m not a robot R2 purple model 
  • I’m not a robot R2 white model
  • IO Hawk 925-IO-HAWK 1
  • LENV Hoverboard
  • Lucas Electronics Hoverboard APP-functie
  • MP man Gyropode G1 
  • Ali Impex Hoverboard 6.5 inch​
  • Wuyi Sanli Tools Co. HT-NNC-V20
  • Smart Balance Wheel 
  • Trendfield P10 
  • S6 Basic​
  • Allstock Hoverboard FCA131 - 4215
  • Hoverboard Chroom red​
  • TheBalancewheel Hoverboard Spiderman LED 
  • OXBOARD Go (item No.020B) 
  • Ridd Hoverboard Urban, RDD HB65BU 
  • Smarty Casablanca Offroad, CHIC-D07 
  • SWEELS(s) 78500.01 
  • The Scootershop ​
  • Vinz Hoverboards Type BIS213 – 217
  • YUBIX K5 7.5 inches