Amersfoort to show off region's diversity on King's Day

Under the slogan 'We, Amersfoort', Amersfoort plans to show off how diverse the city and the region is during King's Day on April 27th. King Willem-Alexander and his family will celebrate his 52nd birthday in Amersfoort this year, NOS reports.

At the start of the route, the royal family will be received on Marienhof by 300 children from different primary schools in the city. On the way through the historic city center, attention will be paid to the 120 nationalities living in Amersfoort. "We want to show that we are very ordinary and that is very extraordinary", Mayor Lucas Bolsuis said during a press presentation. According to him, 'together' will by the focus of King's Day. "Together we make society, city and region."

The day will also focus on Piet Mondriaan, who was born in Amersfoort, and sustainability. An artwork made out of waste will be presented. Eight surrounding municipalities will also have the opportunity to present themselves. They will do so through storytellers and a regional quiz. 

Bolsuis called hosting King's Day a "big challenge and a big party". The day will end with a final party. What that party will look like is not yet clear. "But it will be spectacular", Bolsuis said.