Clouds and rain expected for Netherlands this weekend

Cloudy day in Amsterdam
Cloudy day in AmsterdamPhoto: alxbaev/DepositPhotos

People in the Netherlands can look forward to a very cloudy weekend with some rain leading up to a properly wet Sunday, according to Weeronline. 

Friday will be cloudy, with the south and east of the country getting some light showers in the morning. By Friday afternoon most of the country should be dry, and there is even a chance of the sun breaking through the cloud cover in some places. Maximum temperatures will climb to between 8 and 9 degrees, closer to normal for the time of year than any other day this week.

Saturday morning will be cloudy, with the chance of rain increasing from the southwest during the early afternoon. If it rains, it won't be a lot or last very long, which is good news for people going to Carnival on Saturday, according to the weather service. Maximums will range from 10 degrees in the north to 12 degrees in the south, but a moderate to strong southwest wind will make it feel a few degrees colder.

Sunday will start out with periods of light rain, which will increase in intensity as the day continues. By Sunday afternoon most of the country should be soaking wet. Despite the rain, Sunday will still be very mild for the time of year with maximums rising to between 11 and 14 degrees. The normal afternoon temperatures for early March are between 7 and 9 degrees.