Volunteer at Hague primary school arrested for sex crime

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A 25-year-old man who works at the Galvanischool in The Hague was arrested on suspicion of a sex sexual offense involving children. "The picture now is that the border crossing behavior took place outside school, but we can not exclude that it also took place at school", a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to newspaper AD.

A report was recently filed against the man, and he was arrested a day later. The police are investigating. According to the Public Prosecutor, the man is still in custody.

School director Yvon Rouwhorst told AD that the man worked at the school as a volunteer. "He is not allowed to enter the school during the investigation conducted against him." 

The primary school informed parents about the issue in a letter earlier this week. According to the director, there are no indications that anything happened at the school itself.