Dutch traffic safety assoc. starts training Uber drivers

The Uber App in Paris
A driver in 2017 opens the Uber app. (photo: Pe3check / DepositPhotos)

The Netherlands' safe traffic association VVN will start giving Amsterdam Uber drivers traffic safety training next week. This training is mandatory for all Uber drivers in the Dutch capital who are under the age of 25, NU.nl reports. 

The traffic training forms part of a series of measures taken in Amsterdam to improve road safety after four people were killed in traffic accidents involving an Uber driver in the city in six weeks. The training comes on top of the existing taxi license and will focus on risk assessment on the road and social driving behavior, according to the newspaper.

Other measures include raising the minimum age for new Uber drivers from 18 to 21 years, and a new requirement that Uber drivers must have at least one year of driving experience. 

Before an agreement was made on these measures, VVN called for Uber to be banned off the roads. VVN now says it's positive about the steps Uber is taking towards road safety.