Aid organizations failed family of killed baby: Inspectorates

Multiple experts and aid agencies in Noord-Brabant failed in caring for a baby who died in Breda as a result of abuse within the family, the Inspectorates for Healthcare and Youth and for Justice and Security concluded after investigation, reports.

The 7-month-old boy died in hospital late in 2017. An autopsy showed that the baby died because he was beaten or shaken violently. His father was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

The two Inspectorates investigated the actions of the Child Care and Protection Board, the William Schrikker Foundation (WSS) for youth protection and rehabilitation, Careyn Youth Healthcare (JGZ) and ASVZ Parent and Child Services. The WWS and ASVZ in particular dropped the ball, the inspectorates concluded.

According to the Inspectorates, child protection did a thorough investigation on the family and wrote a report about the development threats for the baby and how these had to be removed. WSS and ASVZ then worked with the family, but not sufficiently, the Inspectorates concluded. WSS did not translate the information about the family into concrete risks for the baby, resulting in "serious shortcomings" in the actions taken. ASVZ acted insufficiently in the baby's interests, the Inspectorates said. 

The Inspectorates ordered ASVZ to draw up an improvement plan within three months. Shortcomings had previously been identified at WSS, and the Inspectorates are seriously concerned about the announced improvements and the foundation's learning capacity. The WSS board and management were again reprimanded and measures were taken to improve the quality of care. The Inspectorates will strictly ensure that these improvements are concrete and sufficient. If this does not happen, new actions will be taken.