Icy roads, fog trigger code yellow warning

Motorists across the country are warned to be careful of icy and slick roads during rush hour on Thursday morning. In Zeeland and Noord-Brabant thick fog may also reduce visibility to less than 200 meters. Meteorological institute KNMI issued a code yellow warning.

Light snow or wet snow is still falling in some areas in the west and north of the country. According to the KNMI, around 2 centimeters of snow will fall before the winter showers leave the country. Due to the snow, there is a chance of icy and slick roads.

Temperatures also dropped to -3 degrees Celsius overnight, which means that slickness can also be caused by wet areas on the road freezing. 

According to KNMI, the iciness on the roads and the fog in Zeeland and Noord-Brabant should disappear during the course of the morning. 

By late morning the winter showers will stop in most places with the sun breaking through. Afternoon temperatures will rise to around 3 degrees with a moderate southeasterly wind, according to KNMI.