School, football club suspend teenagers after Spijkenisse assault

Dutch police crime scene tape
Dutch police crime scene tapePhoto: Politie

The Penta College in Spijkenisse and the Spijkenisse football association suspended a number of teenagers due to an assault on another teenager. Videos of the assault were shared on social media on Monday night. The videos show a boy being attacked by a group of other teenagers.

The attack happened on Friday, according to NOS. The 14-year-old victim sustained a broken nose, a torn earlobe and multiple bruises. The police since arrested five underage boys from Spijkenisse. One of the young suspects' home is getting extra protection as a precaution.

NL Times reviewed two different clips on video-sharing site YouTube that supposedly show the incident. The videos show a group of several boys surround another as he was attempting to walk away. The victim is kicked several times until he falls to the ground, landing on his side. He is then kicked a few more times.

Another boy hoisting a bicycle enters into frame and then smashes the bike into the victim. It is not clear where the victim was hit, but he is then seen holding his leg just before being struck in the head. A boy off camera can be heard laughing, then the victim is kicked in the head and struck repeatedly.

The aggressors then appear to raid the boy’s pockets, as another rubs his shoe in the kid’s face. The violent scenes last for about 40 seconds. A second video shows a further 35 seconds of a boy being hit, kicked, and stomped again and again by at least four different attackers.

Penta College recognized a number of boys on the videos and suspended them with immediate effect, RTV Rijnmond reports. How many boys were suspended, the school did not say. "Pupils and employees of our schools are obviously very shocked by the footage", the school said on its website. 

The Spijkenisse football association also suspended a number of members due to the videos. "We and our members declare our disgust about the footage", the managers of the club said in a statement, NOS reports. According to the director, it is not yet clear how many members were involved in the assault.