American mayor criticized over comments about teen prostitution in Amsterdam

Red Light District in Amsterdam
Red Light District in Amsterdam Photo: joyfull/DepositPhoto

Mayor Jim Fouts of the American city of Warren is facing criticism about statements he made about a trip to Amsterdam. Speaking about the Dutch capital's Red Light District to an employee 2013, he apparently boasts that "you could get a 16-year-old girl if you wanted to". 

The website Motor City Muckraker posted an audio clip of the 76-year-old mayor's statements this week. Fouts can be heard telling an employee that "any kind of sex you want is legal" in Amsterdam. "They have women sitting in, like, these storefront windows, and you know, there is one live woman sitting there, and you tap on it. They took credit cards back then... You could get a 16-year-old girl if you wanted to".

According to the site, Fouts often brags about his preference for younger women. In 2009 he told a Washington Post reporter that he doesn't like to say how old he is because he tends to date younger women. 

This is not the fist time Fouts is under fire over statements he made. Two years ago the same website revealed another recording in which Fouts compared black people to "chimps" and called women "dried up cunts".