Rotterdam shootout leaves two hurt; three in custody

Adrianaplein shooting in Rotterdam
The Adrianaplein in Rotterdam where police fired their guns during a shootout between suspects. 26 December Politie

Shots were fired back-and-forth in a Boxing Day incident on the Adrianaplein in Rotterdam that left one person seriously injured. Police also say they fired warning shots to take control of the crime scene.

It started at about 4 p.m. on Thursday when an argument broke out between two Rotterdammers, aged 49 and 26, and a 23-year-old resident of the city. The argument escalated between the suspects, two men and a woman, with one saying they were armed.

That led to an exchange of gunfire, which was taking place as police arrived at the location. Police fired off two warning shots to get the situation under control, but it did not work.

"After this, the police were forced to shoot several times," the authorities said. All three were arrested.

One of the suspects was wounded and taken to an area hospital, while another received minor injuries. Police said it was not clear if their injuries were due to officers' gunfire, and that the investigation would continue.