Amsterdam Uber drivers selling accounts online: report

Hundreds of Amsterdam taxi drivers are trading Uber accounts online. As a result, it is often difficult to confirm the identity of your Uber driver, AT5 reports after infiltrating the social networks where the accounts are sold.

The drivers trade login data for Uber accounts among themselves and through apps like Telegram, according to the Amsterdam broadcaster. These transactions involve amounts of between 75 euros and 125 euros per week. It is hard to say how many accounts are involved, but dozens of accounts were traded during the two months AT5 investigated this phenomenon, the broadcaster said.

By buying the account of an Uber driver, people can drive for the ride hailing service without going through Uber's inspection process and without having the necessary papers. According to AT5, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate is aware of this problem, but not of how big it is. Uber told the broadcaster that the company acts strictly against fraud.