Amsterdam initiative aims to connect people across NL through meal-sharing

A Meals Unite dinner in progress
A Meals Unite dinner in progressPhoto: Meals Unite

A new Amsterdam-based platform and app aims to connect people across the Netherlands face-to-face through meal sharing. Through Meals Unite you can host a dinner for people in your neighborhood, or be a guest at someone else's dinner anywhere in the Netherlands, simply by signing up for it.

"As Meals Unite, we feel that having dinner together is more fun than eating alone", CEO Rene Bakker said. "Think of us as 'LinkedIn live', where people get to know each other personally and in a more informal way: around the table. That is not only fun, but also important, because research has shown that eating together makes you happier. It is a vital social ritual, in which not only the meal but also opinions, stories and life experience are shared. You get to know new people and cultures, and who knows you may meet the love of your life." 

Meals Unite wants to help newcomers to the Netherlands meet the people they now share a country with, or long time residents of a neighborhood make friends with their neighbors. The platform is a welcome space to meet and have a meal with strangers for native Dutch, foreign students and expats alike. Like cooking for other people? Then sign up as a host! Don't fancy cooking? Have dinner at someone's home who does. Share a meal and conversation with someone outside your own comfort zone.

"It's all in a meal!" Bakker said. "Brunch at Sunday, a wine-rich lunch or vegetarian dinner - it is your choice. Share a meal and be part of an unforgettable evening, that's what it's all about."

Meals Unite CEO Rene Bakker plans to host a pre-Christmas dinner with traditional Dutch erwtensoep [split pea soup] on December 23rd. Those interested to join, can sign up on the Meals Unite website.

Meals Unite CEO Rene Bakker hosting a meal
Meals Unite CEO Rene Bakker hosting a mealPhoto: Meals Unite


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