Try single-origin chocolate from Amsterdam's The Traveling Frenchman this Christmas

The Traveling Frenchman single-origin chocolate
The Traveling Frenchman single-origin chocolatePhoto: The Traveling Frenchman

Looking for a unique Christmas gift this year? Why not spoil a loved one with a delicious, chocolatey treat from The Traveling Frenchman.

The Amsterdam based company sells single-origin chocolate and hot chocolate flakes. This means the chocolate is made using cocoa beans from one specific place of origin. The beans take on the characteristics of the region where it is grown, and can take on floral, herbal, earthy or berry tones depending on region. 

"We have different origins of single-origin chocolate at any given time. Right now we are selling chocolate from Bolivia and DR Congo and next we are moving to Venezuela", co-owner Christina Franken said to Confectionary. "This is a passion for us."

The company is not certified organic or vegan due to costs "Our focus lies on the quality of the supply chain over quantity, so costs of such certifications are not feasible", Franken said. But The Traveling Frenchman uses organic cocoa beans where possible, and its products are vegan. 

In addition to selling high quality chocolate, the company also supports the small farm holders it sources its cocoa from. "Many consumers aren't aware of the efforts and hardship cocoa farmers are faced with", the company says on its website. "Telling the story of where chocolate comes from, and how it is farmed, people will appreciate the differences and have a better experience when tasting. Like good wine, the origin country and the year of harvest determine a distinct flavor profile.

The Traveling Frenchman's chocolate and hot chocolate flakes are available in numerous cafes and bars throughout the Netherlands. You can also order through their website.