Fog, low visibility prompts weather warning, some flight delays

Fog and Mist in Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw, Bimhuis
Fog rolls in behind the Muziekgebouw and Bimhuis in Amsterdam. 16 Nov. 2018photo: Zack Newmark / NL Times

Dense fog was expected across much of the Netherlands on Friday morning, predicted to last until 11:00 a.m. The weather condition was expected to drop visibility to under 200 meters everywhere in the country except Limburg, weather agency KNMI said.

The agency put out a Code Yellow weather warning for all other regions, with a caution of dangerous roadways and the possibility that fog could blanket an area quite quickly.

There were only a handful of traffic jams reported around the country by motor association ANWB. Trouble spots were identified on the A16 in both directions between Rotterdam and Breda, on the A20 from Hoek van Holland towards Gouda, and between Breda and Utrecht on the A27.

Airline delays were most severe in the Netherlands at Groningen Eelde Airport, where the morning flights faced up to two hours of extra waiting time.

A few dozen flights were delayed from taking off at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on Friday morning, primarily to European destinations. Most departure delays lasted fewer than 30 minutes. A few flights between Amsterdam and London City airport were scrapped. The airport in London started warning passengers Thursday night of "adverse weather conditions" and the likelihood of delayed, diverted, and canceled flights.

The London City weather issues also affected flights arriving and departing from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Minor delays were also reported at the Eindhoven Airport.