Groningen girl, 16, still missing; family desperate

dutch police Ministerie van Binnenlandse zaken en Veiligheid Wikimedia commons

Sixteen-year-old Danielle from Vriescheloo in Groningen has been missing for twelve days. Her family are at their wit's end and are desperate to find her, they said to RTV Noord.

Danielle lived in a closed institution on the Veluwe. She disappeared while shopping with a counselor in Arnhem on October 26th. The teenager also went missing in September, but then her parents had a suspicion about where she was and she was found safe a few days later, according to the broadcaster.

Her parents moved from Zoetermeer to a remote farm in Vriescheloo in April 2016, for a quieter environment. While living in Zoetermeer, Danielle fell into the "wrong circles", her father Alex said to RTV Noord. This time they have no idea where Danielle is.

Father Alex is therefore calling for the public's help. "For anyone who thinks they recognize her, please contact the police", he said to the broadcaster. "And for Danielle: girl if you see this and you can let us know that you are doing well: send a message, call, at least we'll know that you're okay."

Danielle is 1.8 meters tall with strawberry blonde hair and green-brown eyes. She was last seen wearing black sneakers, black skinny jeans and a black winter jacket with a hood.