Explosive found after ATM bombing in Overijssel town; buildings evacuated

An explosive was found after an ATM bombing in the Overijssel town of Schalkhaar at around 3:10 a.m. on Friday. The buildings around the Rabobank ATM on Lindeboomsweg were evacuated. This is the second ATM bombing in the municipality of Deventer in two days, De Stentor reports.

The blast destroyed the facade of the building where the ATM is located, according to the newspaper.

Responding police officers spotted fleeing suspects and there was a short chase. There was a crash between a police car and a scooter, and the perpetrators got away, the Overijssel police said on Twitter. De Stentor reports that two ATM bombers were on the scooter. The police did not specify. 

The area around the ATM was closed down as a crime scene. The area where the police collided with a scooter - at the crossing of Pastoorsdijk and Mensinksdijkje - was also closed down, because the perpetrators may have dropped another explosive, according to the newspaper. Here too multiple homes were evacuated. 

Evacuated residents were given shelter at nearby Nicolaasschool. Interim mayor of Deventer Ron Konig visited the residents. He called it "very annoying" that there were two ATM bombings in his municipality in two nights.

During the early hours of Thursday morning, perpetrators blew open an ATM in shopping center Keizerslanden in Deventer.