Google Chrome marks 3,000 Dutch sites 'unsafe': report

From Tuesday web browser Google Chrome marked 3 thousand Dutch sites as 'unsafe'. When visiting one of these sites, a warning will appear stating that the connection is unsafe and that sites may try to steal your data, according to a study by Open State Foundation, reports.

These unsafe sites include the websites of the municipalities of Zutphen and Heemskerk, as well as Ekoplaza and NS International's customer service site. 

The problem may lie in these websites using a security certificate that is no longer supported by Google. This is the case with educational institution LOI, which used a security certificate from Symantec. Google no longer approves certificates from this company after Symantec was caught creating fake certificates in 2015. 

The affected websites will be marked safe again once they take out a new security certificate. According to the newspaper, they've already had some time to do so.