Warm late summer weather expected this week

Summer at the beach
Summer at the beach. (Photo: Ross / Wikimedia Commons )

This week will be sunny and warm in the Netherlands, with temperatures expected to climb up to 25 degrees during the course of the week. Such high temperatures this late in the year are "quite exceptional", according to Weerplaza. A number of weather records stand to be broken.

The warm temperatures are brought by hot air from the Mediterranean region, according to Weeronline. On Wednesday and Thursday temperatures will rise to 20 degrees on the Wadden islands  and along the coast, 24 degrees inland, and even 26 degrees in Zuid-Limburg.

Summery weather is also expected for the weekend, with temperatures up to 25 degrees forecast for Friday and Saturday. Sunday will be slightly cooler with maximums between 19 and 22 degrees expected.