Woman falls through sinkhole in Limburg village


A woman fell through the sidewalk in the Limburg village of Merkelbeek, near Brunssum, on Friday morning. She was walking with her husband when the ground suddenly sank away beneath her. She was injured, NOS reports.

The sinkhole was caused by sand being washed away by a leak, the fire brigade and Water Maatschappij Limburg confirmed. "There was an underground leak" a spokesperson for WML said to the broadcaster. "As a result it was impossible to see that there was a hole. The woman indeed fell through it and was taken to hospital with unknown injuries."

The municipality also confirmed the incident. "Unfortunately it is true that a water pipe broke. We are going to investigate further", a spokesperson said to 1Limburg. "We're trying to get in touch with the woman and the alderman will bring her some flowers. This is something you don't hear every day."