Dutch Queen ambushed by desperate mother in Schiedam

Queen Maxima was ambushed by a desperate woman in Schiedam on Thursday. The Queen was visiting the YETS Foundation when the woman suddenly came running at her, trying to give her a letter, RTL Nieuws reports.

In the letter the woman asked for attention for her son's school problems, according to the broadcaster. She can't find education for her son. Security guards managed to keep the woman at a distance and took the letter on behalf of the Queen. The woman previously wrote to Queen Maxima about this issue, and already received an answer, according to RTL. But on Thursday she saw her chance to personally hand the letter to the Queen. 

The King's Office receives many letters and petitions for aid. These are forwarded to the relevant Ministries.

The YETS Foundation offers support for young people from broken families and poor neighborhoods. A visibly emotional Maxima listened as eight teenagers told her story. Later she took off her high heels and watched the teenagers play basketball on her stockinged feet, according to AD.