More thrift stores in NL for third year in a row

The number of thrift stores in the Netherlands increased by 7 percent last year - the third year in a row that this industry grew. Retail turnover increased by 4 percent last year, and the amount of items collected increased by 5 percent , according to the sector association for thrift companies BKN, reports.

The Christmas holidays last year in particular were "unprecedentedly busy" for thrift stores, according to BKN. The association attributes this to the VPRO television series Het succes van de kringloopwinkel.

A shortage of employees is threatening to slow the growth of thrift stores, the association said. "We calculated that the average thrift store has four vacancies", BKN director Leonie Reinders said to the newspaper. There are shortages in both paid and voluntary positions.

The BKN calls on employment agencies to send vulnerable groups their way. "As a sector we have decades of experience with all sorts of people's limitations. Many people who end up in thrift, are thriving", Reinders said.

Reinders expects that the sector will keep growing. According to her, consumers are increasingly conscious of the environment and the circular economy. It also helps that vintage is very popular at this time.