Netherlands' warm days streak ends

Partly Cloudy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Andrew A. Shenouda)Partly Cloudy (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Andrew A. Shenouda)

Maximum temperatures in De Bilt will not reach 20 degrees on Friday, bringing an end to a record long streak of nationally warm days in the Netherlands, according to Weerplaza.

A national warm day is when maximums reach at least 20 degrees at the national weather station in De Bilt. That has been the case everyday from June 25th till August 23rd - 60 consecutive warm days. The previous record was 53 warm days in 2003.

On Friday cold air from the polar regions means that afternoon temperatures in De Bilt will climb no higher than 18 degrees, though areas in the southeast of the country may still see 20 degrees. 

Saturday will be the first day in over two months with maximums under 20 degrees throughout the country. It may even be the coolest day of this summer, according to the weather service. Maximum temperatures of between 16 and 18 degrees are expected. Quite a few showers will move across the country, which could dorp temperatures as low as 10 degrees in some places. The greatest chance of showers is in the coastal provinces, inland will be drier and therefore also warmer.

Sunday will be sunny and mostly dry. Inland temperatures may climb up to 20 degrees in some places. Along the coast there is chance of showers and cooler maximums.