Drug dealing, sex in the bathroom at Rotterdam college: report

High school classroom
High school classroom. (Photo: HaMinh1997 / Wikimedia Commons)

Chaos reigns at the Prins Alexander location of joint vocational education institution Zadkine-Albeda in Rotterdam. According to a whistleblower, there is drug dealing everywhere and having sex in the bathroom is a regular activity. Leefbaar Rotterdam city councilor Jari Esbeukman submitted written questions about this to the city council, the Telegraaf reports. 

Some of the students have thrown the rules aside and do just what they want, the whistleblower told Esbeukman. "There is dealing in the school, students walk around with bags from a fast food chain, but they don't contain food. Weed is smoked in front of the entrance while there is a smoking ban", the Leefbaar Rotterdam councilor said to the newspaper. "Sex in the toilets" is a favorite pastime. "Despite the many security guards, there is no control over who comes in and who does not. There are school passes, but if they get lost you just get a new one and that is anonymous."

The problems aren't only among students. "Some of the staff refrain from teaching because they can not handle the students, some other teachers do book classrooms but don't show up, others play poker with each other during working hours", Esbeukman said.

Despite the problems, the municipality has little means to intervene at the school. The Education Inspectorate is responsible for that. "[The Inspectorate] already visited, but announced the visit beforehand, so everything was perfect that day", Esbeukman said to the newspaper. He therefore wants to know from responsible alderman Said Kasmi if he is aware of the problems and what can be done about it. "In addition, I am curious about whether these conditions are limited to just this school location, or whether it is a mess at other vocational education programs in the city."

Zadkine-Albeda told the Telegraaf that they are not aware of the problems at the Prins Alexander location, but will investigate.