Hague girl, 14, still missing; family desperate

Police officer looking for witnesses
Police officer looking for witnessesPhoto: Politie

Fourteen year old Nsimire from The Hague has been missing for a week and a half. Her family is desperate to find her, her father said in a call for help on Facebook. "Please help us find our girl. We are broken without her."

"Since 27 July 2018 Nsimire's room has been empty. Our daughter has been missing for well over a week and we still have no idea where she is. Her mother does not sleep and eat and my other children have been crying themselves to sleep for more than a week. My youngest asks every day: 'Daddy, is she coming back today?' I say yes my darling, while unfortunately I do not have the answer to her question", Baderha wrote.

Nsimire was last home on Friday, July 27th. She spent that night at a friend's house, according to the police. She was last seen leaving that friend's home on Saturday, July 28th. Her family reported her missing the next day.

"When Nsimire was a little girl, she asked me once: 'Daddy, are you always going to protect me?' I then gave my word and promised her that I would be there for her. I miss her so horribly", Baderha wrote. "I ask you from my heart to help me fulfill this promise and give her disappearance the attention it deserves. I'm desperate. Please help us find our girl. We are broken without her."

Baderha wonders why no Amber Alert was issued for his daughter. In response, the police said in a statement that an Amber Alert is only issued if there are strong indications that the life of a kidnapped or missing child is in danger. "That is not the case with the missing Nsimire", the police said. "An Amber Alert is only used once or twice a year. If an Amber Alert is used more often, also for missing cases where there or no indications that the life of the missing  person is in danger, an Amber Alert loses its attention value. That is why  there are strict criteria for the use of an Amber Alert."

The police spread Nsimira's description on citizens' notification system Burgernet immediately after she was reported missing. Her photo was also placed on the police website and social media. "The detective team has now investigated all the tips around her disappearance and is therefore looking for information", the police said. "We would like to get into contact with Nsimire herself and would like to help her if necessary. We also want to get in touch with people who know where she is staying at the moment."