Dutch pilots give Ryanair an ultimatum in wage conflict

Photo: Ryanair

The Dutch pilots working for Irish budget airline Ryanair gave the airline until Tuesday to present a better wage offer. If the airline does not meet that deadline, the Dutch pilots will strike, pilots' union VNV said, according to ANP.

The union did not say when the strike would happen if Ryanair doesn't meet the ultimatum, but it seems obvious that the Dutch pilots will join their Irish, Swedish and Belgian colleagues, who will be striking on Friday. German Ryanair pilots may also join this strike. 

VNV will announce the strike at least 12 hours before it starts. 

The Irish Ryanair pilots already held multiple strikes. As did Ryanair cabin crew members in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The coordinated strike on Friday is expected to cause a lot of inconvenience to Ryanair travelers.

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary threatened several times that he would move jobs to Poland if the strikes continue.