Fmr. Wilders bodyguard also leaked info on Obama's daughter

Obama is against winter games boycott August 10, 2013. (Lance Cpl. Michael J. Ayotte, USMC / Wikimedia)

Police officer Faris K., who is suspected of leaking confidential information about PVV leader Geert Wilders, also leaked information about Barack Obama's daughter when she visited the Netherlands, according to the Public Prosecutor. Which of the former American president's daughters is involved is not known, ANP reports.

K. gave information about the Obama daughter to a woman in July 2016. According to the Public Prosecutor, he talked about police deployment during her visit. Two week later, K. leaked information about Wilders' residence. The officer is also suspected of searching the police systems for private purposes. 

K. worked for the Safety and Security Department, tasked with providing security to the royal family and threatened politicians like Geert Wilders, among others. He was involved in Wilders' security, and was responsible for making so-called vicinity scans. K. was arrested in February last year, in the middle of the campaigns for the parliamentary elections. Following his arrest, Wilders temporarily halted his campaign.

The 36-year-old officer will appear in the court in The Hague on Monday for a pro-forma hearing. He is suspected of violating professional confidentiality.

According to K.'s lawyer Peter Plasman, K. told confidential and operational information to girlfriends. "He was too loose tongued in the private environment", he said on Wednesday. "You can call that talking tough to girls, no more."

The Public Prosecutor has no indications that K. shared police info with criminals, according to the news wire. 

K. was previously convicted for violating professional confidentiality in 2008.