Driest July ever in Netherlands

A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018
A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

This July was the driest ever since rainfall measurements started in the Netherlands. Only 11 millimeters of rain fell nation wide this month, breaking the previous record of 16 millimeters in July 1921, Weeronline reported on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the last day in July, there is a chance of some rain in the north and west of the country. At most another 1 millimeter of rain will fall. Weeronline therefore feels safe to say the record is broken. 

July this year was also the sunniest July since 1906 with 330 hours of sunshine expected by the end of the day. The previous record was July 2016 with 316 hours of sunshine. If the number of sunshine hours indeed reaches the expected 330 hours, this will also be the sunniest month ever recorded. The current record of 329.2 hours of sunshine is held by May 1989.

As far as temperature measurements go, this July is the third warmest July month ever measured with an average temperature of 20.7 degrees Celsius in De Bilt. The hottest July month was in 2006 with an average temperature of 22.3 degrees, followed by July 1994 with 21.4 degrees. The average July temperature is normally 17.9 degrees.