Amsterdam residents more concerned about housing shortage than crime

Tourists at the I Amsterdam sign behind the Rijksmuseum
Tourists at the I Amsterdam sign behind the RijksmuseumPhoto: Mariordo / Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam residents are more concerned about the housing shortage in the city than the crowds of tourists or crime, according to a bi-annual survey the municipality did among 2,378 residents, Het Parool reports.

57 percent of respondents called the housing shortage their main concern. This is especially a worry for young people between 16 and 29 years old. 38 percent are worried about tourism, and 31 percent about crime. 

About half of the residents think that Amsterdam is heading in the right direction. 39 percent disagree. 

Since 2015, Amsterdam got 20 thousand new residents. The number of highly educated people in the city increased, as did the income disparities. 39 percent of Amsterdam residents were born in the city. And 81 percent feel connected to Amsterdam. Interestingly, Amsterdam residents feel more connected wit the city as a whole than they do with their neighborhood. 

Interest in local politics increased slightly to 68 percent, compared to 65 percent two years ago.