Netherlands could take in a "limited number" White Helmets

The White Helmets rescuing a victim from bombing rubble (Photo: Syria Civil Defense)The White Helmets rescuing a victim from bombing rubble (Photo: Syria Civil Defense)

The Netherlands is considering giving shelter to a "limited number" of Syrian aid group the White Helmets, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice and Security said to RTL Nieuws. "Important conditions for this are identification, registration and (security) screening."

On Saturday night, Israeli troops rescued hundreds of White Helmets and their families from southern Syria in a secret operation prepared by some Western countries. The Syrian army, with the support of Russian troops, launched a major offensive in the area, and White Helmets aid workers feared for their lives. They were evacuated through Israel to Jordan.

The aid workers can't stay in Jordan indefinitely, according to the broadcaster. It was agreed that they will move to various Western countries after three months. Germany, Great Britain and Canada immediately agreed to take in some of them. The Netherlands is also investigating the possibility of offering shelter to some, the Ministry said to RTL.

The White Helmets organization is officially called the Syrian Civil Defense, but the members are known by the white helmets they wear. The group operated as a rescue organization in Syrian areas that were under the control of rebels. They are especially known for rescuing people from bombed buildings, often at risk of their own lives.