Delft Hyperloop team wins 2nd place in SpaceX race

Delft Hyperloop team
Delft Hyperloop team. (Photo: @DelftHyperloop / Twitter)

The students of team Delft Hyperloop won second place in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition in California on Monday. First place went to WARR Hyperloop, a student team from Munich University, reports.

The Delft team's pod reached a top speed of 142 kilometers per hour. WARR Hyperloop broke a world record, and claimed first prize, with a top speed of 466 kilometers per hour. Hundreds of teams signed up for the race, but only four teams made it through all the inspections and selections to actually compete.

The Hyperloop Pod Competition is organized by SpaceX, Elon Musk's space company. Musk is also the driving force behind the hyperloop concept, in which a capsule flies through a vacuum tube at high speed. 

Delft Hyperloop won the first edition of the race early last year. Last summer the Delft team lost the title to WARR Hyperloop.