Woman found in Amsterdam home months after death

Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie). (Dutch police officers (Stock Photo: Politie))

An elderly woman was found dead in her home on Marten Corverhof in the Amsterdam district of Slotervaart last week. The police believe the woman died around six months ago. Local residents are shocked, AT5 reports.

The woman led a withdrawn existence and lived in that home for a long time, neighbors told the Amsterdam broadcaster. "I've also lived here for 60 years. I hope I'm not found like that in the future", one local resident said. "My husband used to help her with chores in her house. But he died not so long ago. When I still used to see her, I noticed that she was deteriorating more and more."

A spokesperson for the police confirmed that the woman had been found dead. "She did not have any direct family, but a number of people from the neighborhood called because they had not seen her for weeks. That turned out to be a few months."

The police determined that the woman died a natural death. Based on the amount of unopened post in the home, they believe she passed away around 6 months ago.