130 driving tests stopped each month due to dangerous driving

traffic jam Simon Forsyth, Flickr. ()

Around 130 driving exams are stopped prematurely every moth because the candidate caused dangerous situations on the road, the CBR, which is responsible for the exams in the Netherlands, confirmed to NOS. According to spokesperson Nathalie Dingeldein, examiners sometimes need to intervene multiple times to keep the candidate on the road, sometimes even before they left the CBR parking lot. 

"Our examiners are confronted with (very) poorly prepared candidates If more candidates are well prepared for the test, the success rate will increase and the number of re-examinations will decrease", the CBR wrote in a letter to Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management. 

The CBR wants to take measures to ensure that candidates come to driving tests better prepared, and dangerous situations occur less often. For example, if someone performs so badly that the test is halted prematurely, he or she will have to wait six weeks to take the test again, instead of the current two weeks. 

The organization hopes that punishing candidates who are not well prepared and make serious mistakes will have a preventive effect and push candidates to find a proper driving school that suit their needs. Because, according to Dingeldein, it is very important to go to a good and safe driving school. "With your driver training you lay a foundation for a safe life on the road. You will enjoy that for the rest of your life."