Golden jackal spotted in Netherlands

After increasing in the Netherlands, the golden jackal is also making an appearance in the country. One such dog-like animal was filmed in the woods near Ruurlo on Wednesday, June 20th. What makes this sighting even more unique is that the jackal was filmed during the day, while these animals are usually active at twilight and at night, De Gelderlander reports.

This was only the third ever observation of a golden jackal in the Netherlands. The previous two times happened on the Veluwe inand October last year. 

The golden jackal looks somewhere between a wolf and a dog. The animal is much smaller than a wolf and weighs a maximum of around 15 kilograms. Golden jackals always lived in the vast areas between the Balkans and Bangladesh, but has continued to penetrate further and further into Europe since the 1950s. These jackals mainly live on small rodents like mice and rats, so cattle owners don't have to be concerned about them.

According to wolf connoisseur Leo Linnartz, there is a solid chance that the golden jackal will eventually settle in the Netherlands. "The whole of Europe is suitable as its habitat, so the Netherlands too. Here is enough space and also enough food." How many jackals are in the Netherlands is impossible to say, Linnartz said to the newspaper. These animals are even shyer than wolves. "This is evident from only three observations in 2.5 years."