Mother, disabled daughter found dead in Rotterdam home

district of Ommoord on Sunday, were identified as the residents of the 7th floor apartment - a woman and her disabled daughter. According to the police, the woman died after becoming sick or falling. The daughter was unable to help her mother or herself due to her disabilities, and also passed away, AD reports.

The police responded to the home on Sunday, after acquaintances reported being unable to get in touch with the residents. 

A neighbor told AD that the residents were a 63-year-old single mother from Suriname and her 17-year-old daughter, who was bound to a wheelchair. "On Friday or Saturday there was a cousin of her's at the door", the neighbor said. "He said that he could not reach her and nobody opened. Well, go to the police, I said. He probably did that." The neighbor was already worried that something terrible happened. "The police were here and asked me if I heard the woman's daughter. That girl can not make a sound, because she is severely disabled. She can not talk."

"She had it really hard, that woman", another neighbor said to the newspaper. "Every morning she was downstairs with her disabled daughter, in a wheelchair, waiting for a taxi. A woman alone, who lived to care for her daughter. This is sad news."